See these tax mistakes businesses make. Or don’t, and pay Uncle Sam.

Very good tax advice for startups.

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Money Mistake

Tax deadline is just around the corner. Sometimes even a straight-forward individual return can be quite a challenge. Things get more interesting when you add the business complexities associated with a small business or a startup. For many new entrepreneurs, filing taxes can be a real learning curve.

Most of us are aware of IRS audits and the associated pains. But what most entrepreneurs don’t realize is that they often overpay Uncle Sam by committing small mistakes and overlooking various tax deductions.

Keep on reading to discover common tax mistakes startups make and as a result leave hundreds, even thousands of dollars off the table — and how to avoid making them yourself.

Don’t Overpay Your Taxes – Mistakes 1to 5

In the SlideShare presentation below, we’ve listed 5 common tax mistakes startups (and small-businesses) make. Enjoy the slides and save yourself money, time and headaches.

So the main takeaway from the presentation is, and we cannot…

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