About The Author

Hi there. I’m Umer Mansoor, the author of this blog and your host. Building great software and teams is my passion.

A little background about me. I graduated in 2011 with Bachelors in Software Engineering. I joined a start-up that had a very small development team (they had 2 other developers and one left shortly after I joined). I consider it one of the best times of my life. I learned a lot of other things besides software development: building teams, motivating teams and a little bit about sales and marketing. Most importantly, I learned a very valuable lesson: passionate people could achieve anything they set their minds on… and I mean anything. Building products should be fun. And we had a blast building several products with a combined user base of 10 million users – that are still in production.

I started this blog as “notes to self” with technical articles on Cassandra, Hadoop and Java and Concurrent programming, Node.JS. (I love using latest, greatest cutting edge technologies -sometimes I’ll cut my fingers and bleed all over but that’s part of the fun). The posts evolved with me and switched to rants on Usability and UI, Hiring Offshore Developers, Software Design and Architecture and lately Managing Software Teams. I will continue publishing as I find time.

I live in the Bay Area and work in San Francisco, California. And loving it all… the weather, the food and the diversity.

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