Paperless Techniques to Stop Wasting Away Your Time

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Couple of days ago, I received a link from a colleague to an article. The author talked about how his company declared war on paper by taking extreme measures such as hiding printers in hard to…

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4 Great Mobile Scanning Apps Android Users Need to See

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Scanning a document used to be tricky in the past – you had to access an actual scanner, load the paper and wait 10 seconds or more for the scanner to finish scanning. These days, converting…

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How Service Oriented Architecture Kept a Firm in Business: Part 1 of SOA

CPU Express Inc, a chain of computer & laptop stores, had decided to develop an in-house software for managing customer accounts and inventory. The reason was really simple: save costs. The software was designed to handle backend tasks – requests came to

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7 Deadly Sins of Mobile Websites

A mobile website is designed and optimized for browsing on a smartphone – the likes of iPhone, Nexus S, Z10. They come in various flavours: sometimes there are different desktop and mobile versions, other times they are the same. The

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Java Multithreading Steeplechase: Cancelling Tasks In Executors

In the post on stopping threads, we looked at how to design threads that could be stopped. Turns out, there’s only one way to do this: via interruption and cooperation from threads themselves. In this post, let’s look at various ways

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Top 10 Amazing Books I Read in 2013 & Recommend

Here’s my top ten list of the books I managed to read in 2013. 1. Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug – One of the best UI/UX design books I have ever read. Short, to the point, easy to

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Four qualities you should look for when hiring offshore developers

In 2013, my company gave me go ahead to build an offshore team – Due to the nature of our work and timelines, we are terrified of employee turnover. Instead of reaching out to an existing offshore development firm (due

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