7 Deadly Sins of Mobile Websites

A mobile website is designed and optimized for browsing on a smartphone – the likes of iPhone, Nexus S, Z10. They come in various flavours: sometimes there are different desktop and mobile versions, other times they are the same. The

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Java Multithreading Steeplechase: Cancelling Tasks In Executors

In the post on stopping threads, we looked at how to design threads that could be stopped. Turns out, there’s only one way to do this: via interruption and cooperation from threads themselves. In this post, let’s look at various ways

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Top 10 Amazing Books I Read in 2013 & Recommend

Here’s my top ten list of the books I managed to read in 2013. 1. Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug – One of the best UI/UX design books I have ever read. Short, to the point, easy to

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Four qualities you should look for when hiring offshore developers

In 2013, my company gave me go ahead to build an offshore team – Due to the nature of our work and timelines, we are terrified of employee turnover. Instead of reaching out to an existing offshore development firm (due

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Stupid, Simple Intros: Apache ZooKeeper Explained

What is Apache ZooKeeper? An open-source software project for sharing data between  distributed applications. It acts as a “coordination” service for distributed applications to synchronized with one another. In a nutshell, ZooKeeper gives you the tools to help build distributed applications. For example,

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Trip to Santiago

Last month I visited Santiago, Chile on a 5-day business trip. I was a bit surprised by how developed the city was, contrary to the “South American City” image I had in mind. Chile has the second largest GDP per capita

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Unicode isn’t harmful for health – Unicode Myths debunked and encodings demystified

if you are a programmer working in 2003 and you don’t know the basics of characters, character sets, encodings, and Unicode, and I catch you, I’m going to punish you by making you peel onions for 6 months in a submarine. I

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